The promotion of a environmetally friendly, socially supporting and economically stable management of forests is the mission of Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®). Worldwide. The independent, non-profit NGO has been founded in 1993 as result of the conference “Environment and Development” in Rio de Janeiro. Today, FSC® is present in over 80 countries with national working groups.

The FSC® – label on a wood or paper product is a clear indicator that the product originates from responsible forestry – products with FSC® Label ensure the management of forests according to social, economic and environmental needs of today’s and future generations. The label also ensures, that the product has not been mixed with uncertified material, uncontrolled wood or paper material throughout the whole chain of custody.

The FSC® label represents a continuous reliable process: Ten principles and 56 indicators have been developed, which are the basis for the worldwide valid FSC® Standards for forest management. Forests, which are managed according to these standards can gain the FSC® certificate. Customers, who purchase FSC® products, contribute actively to the sustainable management of forests worldwide.

FSC® offers also transparency, trademark safety and consultancy for companies and organizations, which have an interest in good forest management.


The PEFC™ label represents sustainable, careful and responsible forest management. Forests are conserved as livelihood, working place and recreational areas for future generations. The overall goal is the continuous improvement of forest management and to conserve the forest and its positive impacts on the environment. Especially PEFC™ represents the holistic approach of sustainability and has internalized the idea of the protection of the environment. PEFC™ maximizes not only one aspect of sustainability, but guarantees the integration of all three components in certified forests with its standards and its structure for decisions.


PEFC™ ensures the independence of certification bodies notably with an accreditation system working according to international standards. PEFC™ offers a complete and mandatory record of a sustainable management, which every customer can rely on.

Supply guarantee

PEFC™ allows a fair participation of all forest owners, irrespective of the size of the company, and cares for the diversity of forest ecosystems, cultural heritage and property structures, which makes it market leader in Germany as well as worldwide. No other certification scheme can refer to a comparable size of certified forest areas. Thereby, PEFC™ guarantees sufficient supplies in wood and wood products from certified, sustainable managed forests.

Social standards- in forests and enterprises

Especially with the social standards PEFC™ leads the way. PEFC™ is the first system which has implemented social standards not only in forestry certification but also within the chain of custody certification.